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My love and life with Boxers, started over 50 years ago, when my Dad brought home a year old Boxer named Lager. Lager was my best friend. He saw me through the rest of my childhood and then my teens. He lived to be 13. At the same time my Aunt had two Boston Terriers and I loved going to visit and play with them. They fascinated me as they were Boxers in miny suits and clowns yet a knotch higher than the Boxers on some level.

It wasn't until years later, when I had children of my own, that I got another Boxer. He was just a pet, but fantastic with the house full of kids. As all Boxer owners know, they absolutely adore children. I knew nothing of showing dogs at the time.

Then, I met some people who were getting into showing themselves.. They invited me to a fun match and the bug bit and there was no looking back, I started breeding and showing in 1980.

I then was lucky enough to purchase Ch. Mauna Kea's Alii CD TT (Alii). The love of my life. A side note on Alii, he and I started in obedience when he was six years old. By the time he was 6-1/2 he had his CD in three straight shows...You can teach old dogs new tricks:)

The foundation of We-R Boxers came in the form of a Reverse Brindle bitch named Sonic Song of Mystic Hills POM (Susie). She was a Am/Can Ch. Mosswood's Zinger Zapper SOM/SOMC/LOM daughter. Paul Van Sinden found her for me, we co-owned her for her first litter. When bred to Ch. Merrilane's Knockout SOM, she produced Ch. Vandown's Laguna Rose DOM (Rosey). When bred to Alii she produced Am/Can Ch. We-R's Touch of Class (Missy)

Another daughter of Susie and Alii, We-R's Class Flirt (Dolly)(littermate to Missy) was co-owned with the Cantwell's. She was bred to Turo's Escappade SOM. This breeding produced Ch. Turo's Spellbound of We-R and a Japanese Champion, Turo's Sinsation of We-R.

Halston came from this line of breeding and was a C/Am. Ch. Ajay's Ralph Lauren SOM CSOM, son.

During this time, I had purchased a beautiful fawn bitch from Huffand Boxers. Huffand's Sweet Memory (Sweetie) a Ch. Huffand's Irish Rebel SOM, daughter. I waited two years for my special order to be filled. Sadly, she and Susie were both lost in an accidental poisoning, not long after Sweetie went Grand Sweepsstake Winner at EBBC. I also was getitng the idea that when the Boxers became too much to handle my second breed was going to be the Boston Terrier, my second love and very close to the Boxer in all ways but size :)

Then, my youngest daughter decided she wanted to show horses, so the Boxer breeding and showing hobby went onto the back burner for about ten years, while we entered the Appaloosa World. Halston was always with me. A complete house fire in 1996,lost three bitches, Halston being the only one to survie, it also destroyed all pictures, this is why you see none until the new beginning in 2003. It is also, why Halston never finished his championship.

I was just coming back into the Boxer world, when a divorce, after thirty years of marriage took place in 1999. Therefore, the breeding and showing once again went on hold, this time, I thought for good.

Big life changes took place! A move from California, where I had lived all my life, to what felt, at the time, like another planet, Meridian, Idaho.

After being here a couple of years, things started to fall into place, as they have a way of doing (Life does go on right). Halston was getting older and I was trying to picture myself without a Boxer. I couldn't quite picture it. I started searching for that special little fawn bitch. It took a year.

A new world had opened up in the form of the interent...All these websites, surfing 24/7 at your finger tips. Google became my friend.

I came across a website with some cute puppies (I know, all puppies are cute). There were two little girls left, but this one in particular, even with her double white haws (wink) caught my eye. Into my life walked Butler's American Pie of We-R (Roxi aka Rockadoodle) that was 2003.

On March 23, 2006, Roxi presented me with my first litter of puppies in over ten years. We have We-R's Cha Ching (Chelsi) and We-R's Show Me The Money (Ashley), (Update: Ashley finished on July 13, 2008) both pointed from the puppy classes. Ashley went to the ABC this year (2007) and placed 2nd out of 36 in her 12-18 fawn class. She is owned by Keri Paulson of KP Boxers, in South Dakota. Thank you Keri! Chelsi resides with me. :) Update: On April 5, 2008, Chelsi finished to become Champion We-R's Cha Ching.

Sadly, in September of last year (2006) my beloved friend, Halston crossed over to the Rainbow Bridge, he was 13..Halston was and is my heart Dog. He's still with me every day in spirit.

Then, as life would have it, another surprise, this time, in the form of Boston Terrier, however a rescue whose dam died during a c-section. Then I aquired a rehomed Champion Bitch from Kim Rutherford. A T-Bo Boston Terrier. So the Boston's started to enter the picture.

The beginning continues. If interested check out the Boxer Champion Page

My dogs are my four legged children, now that the human two legged ones are all grown up and out of the house. They live in the house with me, therefore, when I breed, I breed for that special little puppy for me to go on with....This means I breed on a limited basis, breeding for quality, not quantity.All Health Tested as well

The next chapter

I had started saying about 25 years ago that when I got to old for the Boxers, my downsize breed would be the Boston Terrier having experienced them through my Aunt as a child., Well that day has come, not the too old part, (wink) there is room for both breeds in this house. :)

I started searching for a Boston about seven years ago. There was one Kennel I liked so much that I just couldn't settle for less. The Kennel being T-Bo Bostons, but Teresa didn't sell to outsiders so totally disappointed I continued to search off and on, coming across another Kennel Ken's Bostons, who were also my type BT. People who know me from before I got my mare, no that once my mind is set on something, I will never settle for less. If it's meant to be it will happen. And happen it did in a big way with more than I could of ever dreamed of. If the story about my mare weren't so long, I would share but she was a miracle and I didn't think that could happen again, but happen again it did. Lightening can strike twice!

As luck would have it, I ended up about four years ago with a T-Bo Boston from Brio Bostons that was being retired and rehomed. I jumped at the chance just to have one of those little adorable faces in my house, so came to We-R Boxers and hopefully one day We-R Bostons, Ch. T-Bo Brio Royal Zephyr ROM (Miss Z).

I searched and researched and just couldn't find anything to match the standard I had set, so I finally sat down and wrote Teresa Hendrix after corresponding here and there with her on Facebook and she put me in touch with Ken Roux,( remember me mentioning him earlier?) of Ken's Bostons. They had done a couple of breedings together and Ken had a male show potential puppy available. With Teresa's belief in me and good word, Ken agreed to let me have Doit (Bugs) . So now Ken's Doit Toit at We-R is my beginning in the BT show world. I can't express how grateful and blessed I feel to have Ken Roux in my corner and as my mentor on this new adventure. I hope to never disappoint the trust he has bestowed in me. I hope to be able to live up to their standards and breed the quality that he has done over the years. :) Stay tuned!

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