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Ch. We-R's Cha Ching
The Finsh

Chelsi spent two weekends with Michael refreshing her ring skills. She had been home for over a year veggin on the couch. She picked up a couple of reserves, but that's not what we were after. :) Then lightening struck and they were off. She went Winners Bitch and Best of Winners for a 4 pt major under Judge J. Ramerez, at the Houston Kennel Club Shows, that was March 8, 2008. The next weekend they were off to the Dallas Boxer Club Specialities 1 and 2 and she went Winners Bitch and Best of Winners at not one, but both specialities under respected breeder Judges, Mr. Jack Ireland and Mrs. Ann Gilbert. The next weekend there were no shows, so she got a little R & R and then the next weekend on April 5, 2008 she took her final point, under Judge Margaret Downey to become Ch. We-R's Cha Ching at just days over 2 years old. What a Whirlwind :)

Thank you to all the judges who have recognized the overall qualities of this typey little girl.

And to Michael Shepherd, what can I say? Thank you never seems to be quite enough. You took a couch potato and turned her into a runway super model.

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